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People are naturally good, and we want to make something for the world we live in. 

That is why we created ReforestArg - To unite as a community and together

make a huge change.

General Goal

Build community through collective plantations, empower local producers, and preserve native forests.

Specific Goals

Develop Local Economies

We develop productive strategies of restoration by ecoregion. We design restorative production models with native trees, focusing on empowering isolated communities. We reconnect people with the forests they live in, that provide them with food. We give people the tools they need to achieve economic independence.


Restoration and Conservation of Native Forests 

We promote activities such as seed harvesting, seedling nursery, native-tree plantation in degraded sites and invasive-species control campaigns.



We create meeting spaces for people to inspire one another and change reality. We strengthen individual capacities.


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